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Dual Nature is a literature blog that has been created by Christina and Panagiotis with the purpose of sharing their art and thoughts.

Christina Kosmopoulou was born on August 1992. She grew up in Mycenae, a small village close to Argos, in Greece. She studied Biology at the University of Crete in Greece. She started writing at a very early age since books and literature was always her passion. She has taken part in poetry and narrative competitions. Her stories have been published in electronic magazines (Fractal, Ψυχο-γραφήματα). She lives and works in Athens.

Panagiotis (Pit) Bozionelos was born on July 1992. Ever since he remembers himself, he avoids sharing the name of the village he grew up in. Ηe tried studying Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete, Greece, but it wasn’t that great of a choice for him. During hist studies he discovered that maths were not the language he would like to speak and instead he started writing in English. He is still trying to get that story released to the public, but he hasn’t very managed to do so.

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