“Byproducts” – Pit

I guess..I guess I needed that. To be reminded of life and its byproducts.

How staring out of the window, out in the open sky, smells of freedom

Or how hearing your neighbors laugh mirthfully can also make your mood.

Life is what it is; a passage of time full of moments that only make sense to those living it.


But you can’t live another man’s life

And you can’t be everything for someone.

Love is life’s byproduct, and life is love’s excuse to not manifest.

I guess…I guess I needed to be reminded of life and its byproducts, of those notes of wisdom resonating in my heart.


And sometime I will forget everything and all that will remain is life

Life and its byproducts…

Cheap keepsakes of previous glories…

And all I will hope for is that sometime, somewhere, someone, will be there


There to remind me of life and its byproducts…


(Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels)

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